We are different. As a former hospice operator, we thoroughly understand what it takes to run a successful hospice.

Lower Operating Costs. Increased Efficiency.
Because we understand Medicare and Medicaid billing and reimbursement, we bill on a per diem basis rather than fee specific or itemized. This eliminates surprises, lowers your operating costs, and allows more accurate budgeting of DME costs.

Hospice is our background. Hospice is our way.
We have more than twenty years experience in the hospice industry. First as a hospice care provider and now as an ACHC-accredited supplierof durable medical equipment exclusively to the hospice community.

DME Delivered with Compassion. DME Delivered with Respect.
We instill the hospice philosophy into our entire organization. All employees are required to undergo training on a regular basis in order to understand the importance of providing service that is not only prompt and courteous but also delivered with compassion and respect.

Available 24/7
Whether to coordinate care, deliver equipment, instruct on use of equipment, or replace a part, we are available 24/7. We stand behind this claim as our managers go as far as providing their personal numbers in the event they are needed. In addition, in case of a natural disaster, we have a Mobile Relief Unit to insure your patientsí care is uninterrupted.